Kids in their socks

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Create Stocking Stuffers for All Seasons
We love jamming a sock with goodies at Christmas, but why-oh-why does this fabulous tradition take place only once a year? Go get the craziest tube or kneesocks you can find, whether argyle or polka-dot or whatever. Help the kids personalize their socks with buttons, beads, sequins, patches, paint...the works. If you're really yearning for the full customization experience, make your stockings from scratch with colorful felt, or go funky and improvise with a pair of old tights or tie the ends of kids' jeans. Whatever you choose, just distinguish your design from the Christmas theme.

That night, hang each stocking with a ribbon on your kids' bedroom doors and fill them with your swag of choice. Imagine how crazy with anticipation they'll be and then how ecstatic when they wake up the next morning to find their stockings filled with stickers and pencils and toys, maybe a homemade treat or two, some sweet notes from Mom and Dad and more. Whether you make this a tradition for full-moon Mondays, freaky Fridays or just the 4th of every month, everyone will savor the surprise.