Now that they have the necessary ingredients, Cat's going to teach Robin how to use them. Cat's first mission? To create a quick and healthy replacement for breakfast out of a box. In just 10 minutes, she turns egg whites, turkey bacon and low-fat cheese into a delicious tortilla wrap.

Robin says this is a recipe she can definitely handle. "Cat's tortilla just looked like it was made with love and like it was hearty, healthy and just something that you would want to put in your mouth."

Try Cat's breakfast tortillas at home!

Once the kids are off to school, Cat shows Robin how to combine leftovers into a super quick lunchtime stir-fry.

Get the recipe for Cat's spicy chicken and mango stir-fry.

Its dinnertime, and guess what the family isn't eating—chicken and rice! "We're going to do some jerk pork chops," Cat says. "I'm also going to do sweet potato french fries."

Make it tonight: This meal saves time and money. Completed in less than 30 minutes, the entire thing only cost $9 to make!

Watch Cat prepare another entrée on Oprah's stage! Watch


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