Cooking healthy meals for your family doesn't have to cost a fortune. Cat teaches Robin how to make a plan, buy fresh and save. "First of all, I always have my list," Cat says. "The statistic is literally that people spend 50 percent more than they need to if they don't have a list."

Get all Cat's money-saving grocery shopping tips.

Cat also spends some time reacquainting Robin with some forgotten sections of the store—the produce and the meat departments.

After a turn around the store, it's time to total Cat's trip. She spends only $49.98—a savings of $80! "You had about total, I think, in your basket enough food for three meals and a lot of stuff that you may not use," Cat says. "I had enough food in there for three meals plus your lunch and some snacks."

Robin is amazed. "I'm going to preplan," she says. "It's a whole new world."


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