Chubby tates

Photo: Alexandra Rowley

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Try Corn Syrup (Seriously)
King has an interesting take on the chewy-versus-crunchy debate: She loves both, but her rule is that a chewy cookie must be served warm. If it's not fresh out of the oven, then she wants a crunchy cookie. Her classic chocolate chip cookie is thin and crispy (the only fat in it is butter), but her Chubby Tate is softer, due to an unexpected ingredient: corn syrup. As an invert sugar, it prevents sugar crystals from forming, so cookies don't crisp up. To ensure she can enjoy one whenever a craving hits, King makes the dough, portions it onto trays, freezes it and moves each frozen ball into an airtight container. Frozen cookies can go straight into the oven; they just may need a few minutes longer to bake.

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