Serve a buffet

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Another thing to keep in mind is where your guests will be eating. Whether you're propped up on the arm of a couch or leaning against a wall, Oscar® parties tend to have people eating on the go. Wolfgang says it is imperative to serve food that can be eaten with a fork only so they don't have to try and balance multiple pieces of silverware. If you're serving soup, try serving it in little espresso cups!

He also says how you present your food is important. "I would just set it up like a homey buffet, but have it really nicely presented," Wolfgang says. "Make a table and put some things underneath the table cloth so certain [dishes] are higher up and certain things are lower down."

As for dessert? "Instead of making one cake, I think I prefer to have smaller things," Wolfgang says. "Little cookies or lemon bars or chocolate bars and things like that."