Middle School Lunches

Picnic Lunch: Leftover fried (or healthier oven-fried) chicken makes a great lunch, and if you've got coleslaw too, even better. Wrap the chicken in foil or pack it in a reusable container; put the coleslaw in another small container. Add some cornbread and a chilled tea and you're all set.

Turkey-Cheddar "Wraps": Wrap thinly sliced roast turkey around Cheddar cheese sticks. Serve with a mixture of mustard and finely chopped store-bought mango chutney or apricot jam. Pack whole grain pretzels instead of bread.

Chicken Satay: Thread chunks of cooked chicken onto skewers along with cucumber chunks. Make a dipping sauce of sunflower seed butter (unless peanut butter is allowed), a little honey, cilantro, lime juice and a touch of hot sauce.

Maple BBQ Pork on a Bun: Cook pork tenderloin, brushing it while it cooks with your favorite barbecue sauce doctored with some maple syrup (you can make this for dinner and use the leftovers for lunch). Cool and thinly slice. Place on a bun spread with barbecue sauce, maple syrup and shredded carrots. Pack a bag of sweet potato chips.

Submarine: Make a hoagie with cooked chicken sausage, sauteed peppers and onions. Send along a small container with a little oil and vinegar for drizzling.

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