Elementary School Lunches

Mini Sliders: Buy mini burger buns and top with sliced meatballs and a little barbecue sauce or ketchup. Pack additional barbecue sauce or ketchup for dipping. Add a bag of baked whole grain chips and pack carrot sticks and a frozen, 100% juice juice box.

Cheese and Tomato Rice Crackers: Spread mini rice crackers with soft (fresh) goat cheese and horizontally halved grape tomatoes. If you can find baby bananas, add them to the lunchbox, or, instead, a couple of mandarin oranges.

Pasta Salad: Cook short tubular pasta the night before and toss with olive oil to coat. Add chunks of cheese, snap peas and a little sweet red bell pepper (or other vegetable your child likes).

Mini Bagels with Hummus: Cut mini bagels in half and spread with a couple of different types of hummus. Send along some string cheese, and whole grain mini pretzels.

Ants on a Log: Fill celery sticks with sunflower seed butter (or peanut butter if allowed) and top with raisins. Serve with a healthy brand of cheese crackers, and a small container of flavored yogurt.

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