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Explore a Funky New Hobby
For me, it was magic tricks. My friend and I took it up hoping to perform for kids in the hospital, and it was incredibly fun. We took classes at the Magic Castle, a private club of magicians in Hollywood. After graduation, my lovely assistant and I performed for the kids in the cancer ward. To this day, we volunteer our time to plan the hospital's special events, including their annual holiday party.

The art of prestidigitation (sleight of hand!) may not be your thing, but for every inner magician struggling with a deck of cards, there are twice as many standup comics laughing on the inside. Open-mic comedy nights are the new karaoke. Make a pact with your pallies to stalk local clubs and restaurants embracing the trend until you get up the nerve to survive your five minutes. Colleges even offer courses on stand-up comedy now, so start there if you want to test your chops in a low-key environment.