honey-glazed ginger nuts

Photo: Sheri Giblin/Offset

Here’s a delectable snack that can be customized to please just about anyone: You can use almonds, as we did here, or try hazelnuts, pecans, or a combination of all three. Put a few handfuls in a clear bag and tie it with a pretty bow—and include the recipe, so your giftee won’t have to ask.

Get the recipe: Honey-Glazed Ginger Nuts
Vanilla-bourbon cherries

Photo: Matt Armendariz/Offset

These sensational alternatives to store-bought maraschinos top off ice cream or cocktails perfectly.

Get the recipe: Vanilla-Bourbon Cherries
vanilla-lemon cranberry loaf

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Why give a fruitcake when you can deliver this fresh-baked goodie instead? It’s much simpler to assemble, and wrapping is a cinch: Add a simple sash of ribbon or fabric (we used felt and a pom-pom garland), and let the bread’s scrumptious texture show through.

Get the recipe: Vanilla-Lemon Cranberry Loaf
Peppermint and Chocolate Truffles

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The key to creating impressive truffles? Staying cool. Double-chocolate ganache makes this version extra delicious but extra melty, so frequently rinse your hands with cold water while working to minimize the mess.

Get the recipe: Peppermint and Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate marshmallows

Photo: Athena Plichta/Offset

Give these cute cocoa stirrers a swirl.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Marshmallows

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