Sir Kensington's sriracha mayo

Photo: Courtesy of Sir Kensington's

Condiment Mash-Ups
For many of us, a turkey sandwich or BLT is incomplete without a good smear of tangy mayonnaise. But the newest twists on mayo incorporate flavors you'd never expect. A lime-pickle version from Empire Mayo will change the way you look at fish tacos; and Sir Kensington's Sriracha mayo, which has just enough heat, tastes outrageous in egg salad or on fries. Hummus is getting crazy lately too with Hope Foods creating a Thai coconut-curry blend, which, when dipped into with baby carrots, transforms the snooze-inducing veggies into an exciting treat. Even jam is getting a makeover—seen in The Jam Stand's Sweet WINO-nion, a spread that combines zinfandel, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and red onions, and is great on burgers.
Silk Road soda

Photo: Courtesy of Silk Road Soda

Minty Drinks (Again!)
Mint is making a comeback, and while we're happy to see it in familiar foods, such as dark-chocolate patties, its appearance in soda and flavored water is what's most, er, refreshing, because it shows us just how versatile the herb can be. The Almond Water Mint & Licorice from Victoria's Kitchen was inspired by the founder's French grandmother's recipe and tastes subtly sweet; there's also Silk Road's Cucumber Mint, which reminds us of something we'd sip at a day spa, but with an added bubbly sensation; and The Republic of Tea's new Gingermint Green HiCAF Tea Bags, a high caffeine tea with spearmint and peppermint (plus spicy ginger) that promises to put you into "a state of calm alertness." (It has more caffeine than most green teas, but less than coffee.)
QUIN gumdrops

Photo: Courtesy of QUIN

Spiced-Up Sweets
Over-the-top hot foods that make you run for the nearest water fountain are going in an even bolder direction, with snack makers combining the most trendy spices with creative sweet elements. We're seeing new flavor combinations, such as smoky-sugar, honey-wasabi and habanero-maple, popping up in everything from candies to granola bars. QUIN's Smoked Cola Gumdrops are made with sugar that's been smoked over a wood fire—but they also include a nostalgic, gummy Coke bottle flavor. And KIND bars now come in a dark chocolate-chili-almond variety: Almonds, peanuts and cashews are spiked with a subtle dusting of cascabel, ancho and habanero chili powder, and then drizzled with dark chocolate.
Fresh Direct Eggs

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh Direct

Eggs All Around (Especially of the Pillowy Variety)
The humble egg is making a major splash in the food world lately, with food writer Michael Ruhlman devoting an entire book to the subject (Egg comes out in April). Ruhlman says he hopes the renewed interest in all things egg is not just a trend, but a "readjustment back to normal", since eggs have so much to offer, from health to food-budget benefits. In particular, he's noticed soft-cooked eggs becoming more popular on menus, whether atop a plate of grits or nestled in a bowl of ramen (check out the new book Put an Egg on It for more fantastic ideas that help turn so-so meals into stunners). And look for farmer's eggs, aka pullet eggs—they're smaller than "large" eggs, with firm and creamy yolks and fluffier whites that have a richer taste than most eggs (if you have a local green market, ask one of the egg vendors about them; or order them via Fresh Direct).

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