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Eggs All Around (Especially of the Pillowy Variety)
The humble egg is making a major splash in the food world lately, with food writer Michael Ruhlman devoting an entire book to the subject (Egg comes out in April). Ruhlman says he hopes the renewed interest in all things egg is not just a trend, but a "readjustment back to normal", since eggs have so much to offer, from health to food-budget benefits. In particular, he's noticed soft-cooked eggs becoming more popular on menus, whether atop a plate of grits or nestled in a bowl of ramen (check out the new book Put an Egg on It for more fantastic ideas that help turn so-so meals into stunners). And look for farmer's eggs, aka pullet eggs—they're smaller than "large" eggs, with firm and creamy yolks and fluffier whites that have a richer taste than most eggs (if you have a local green market, ask one of the egg vendors about them; or order them via Fresh Direct).

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