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Minty Drinks (Again!)
Mint is making a comeback, and while we're happy to see it in familiar foods, such as dark-chocolate patties, its appearance in soda and flavored water is what's most, er, refreshing, because it shows us just how versatile the herb can be. The Almond Water Mint & Licorice from Victoria's Kitchen was inspired by the founder's French grandmother's recipe and tastes subtly sweet; there's also Silk Road's Cucumber Mint, which reminds us of something we'd sip at a day spa, but with an added bubbly sensation; and The Republic of Tea's new Gingermint Green HiCAF Tea Bags, a high caffeine tea with spearmint and peppermint (plus spicy ginger) that promises to put you into "a state of calm alertness." (It has more caffeine than most green teas, but less than coffee.)