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Cindy Cooper and Alexandra Bernard
Age: 52 and 30
From: Los Angeles

Their Ruts
Cindy nominated her daughter, Alexandra, for a makeover, but when Adam met them, he thought mom was deserving, too! After working from home as a business consultant for the past two decades, Cindy has her uniform down pat: stretchy pants, tank top, cardigan and flip-flops. But she's launching a new business that will put her in the public eye, and she wants to step up her game. Meanwhile, Alexandra is reentering the workforce after three years as a stay-at-home mom of three. "I wear leggings, tank tops and sneakers every day," she says. "I'm not job-ready!"

Their Makeovers
The Clothes: Cindy, who normally avoids prints and skinny jeans, was coaxed into a patterned blouse and fitted denim. For Alexandra, cropped jeans, a sharp blazer and heels blend office polish with casual style.

The Hair and Makeup: Ken darkened Cindy's platinum hair with golden tones and gave her bangs to draw attention to her eyes. Sarah played them up with matte cocoa shadow. For a hairstyle that was "sexy and cool," Ken cut off a foot of Alexandra's hair and removed the purple tinge to make it a medium red. Sarah didn't want to conceal Alexandra's freckles, so she thinned her foundation with moisturizer.

Their Reactions
"These were not little changes!" says Cindy. "But I couldn't be more pleased." Says Alexandra: "I love my ginger haircolor. It matches my freckles! And I look like a 30-year-old, not a teen shopping in the juniors' section."

On Cindy: Jacket, Nic + Zoe, $198. Shirt, NYDJ, $88. Jeans, NYDJ, $110. Earrings, necklace and bracelet, Melinda Maria. Shoes, Gianvito Rossi.

On Alexandra: Blazer, Clover Canyon, $242. Jeans, NYDJ, $110. Earrings, Rue Gembon. Watch, Michael Kors. Ring, Swarovski. Bag, Longchamp. Shoes, Elliott Lucca.