The Golden Glow

Photo: Peter Rosa. Still Lifes: Richard Majchrazak.

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Never Miss A Chance to Shine

—Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times–best-selling author of, most recently, Judgment Detox.

The Golden Glow: The go-to highlighter shades have been softer in seasons past, but a warm, vibrant gold makes a bigger statement, especially on dark skin. To pull off the look, a thin veil of foundation is a must. "This trend is most flattering when your skin tone looks even," says Restrepo. Next, use a small, fluffy dusting brush to sweep a powder or cream-to-powder highlighter (eyeshadow works here, too) in the shape of a 3, starting just under the brow, up to the outside of the brow's arch, over to the hairline, and curving around the eye to the cheekbones, then down toward the jawline. When it comes to choosing a shade, use Restrepo's gilded guide: "Fair and medium skin will look great in a true gold, while an amber will work best on olive and darker tones."

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