brittle hair

1. Dry, Brittle Hair

THE EXPERT: Malia Manuel
Professional surfer, 24, Kauai, Hawaii

The ocean—good for the soul, not so great for your hair. Briny seawater can dehydrate strands, leaving them strawlike, so Manuel saturates hers with quenching oils regularly. "After every surf, I use a treatment with marula oil to bring back shine and help detangle," she says. She likes MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment ($41; And a friend turned Manuel on to essential oils like cedarwood, which helps soothe a dry, flaky scalp: "I add a few drops to my shampoo."
dry skin

2. Parched...Everything

THE EXPERT: Alexandria Cochran
Flight attendant, 27, Minneapolis

If you think your AC-chilled office is drying, try working at 40,000 feet. "The recycled air, the constant change in oxygen levels—it all leaves your skin very thirsty," Cochran says. Her hydrating musts include a rosewater face mist and fish oil tablets. "The fatty acids in fish oil help hydrate from the inside out," she says. After a particularly long flight, she'll use a sheet mask. "They're easy, usually cost less than $5, and come in so many varieties: moisturizing, calming, nourishing," she explains. Cochran discovered Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer ($14; in the first-class amenity kits and has been hooked ever since: "It has a matte finish, goes on smoothly, and moisturizes instantly."
rough hands

3. Roughed-Up Hands

THE EXPERT: Muriel Olivares
Urban farmer, 35, Miami

For amateur gardeners and pros alike, frequent contact with soil and water wreaks havoc on the digits. To the rescue: Olivares's homemade salve. "I got the recipe years ago while apprenticing with a farmer in upstate New York," she says. "I make it with my farm-grown calendula, beeswax, and virgin coconut oil. It does it all: treats dry skin and chapped lips; soothes cuts, scrapes, and sunburns; and just generally moisturizes." When she can't whip up her bespoke balm, Olivares uses Wooden Spoon Herbs Heal All Salve ($12;
bugs and sun

4. Pesky Buggers and Scorching Sun

THE EXPERT: Elizabeth Berkley Forest wildlife biologist, 37, Pendleton, Oregon

Since she works in the woods, Berkley is well prepped to deal with all varieties of chomping little pests. "When bugs are an issue, I recommend DEET-free, waterproof mosquito patches and natural insect-repellent spray," she says. Try Don't Bite Me! Patches ($11; and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent ($5; And, of course, she uses SPF religiously. "I also like a powder foundation with sunscreen," she adds. "The BareMinerals version is so lightweight, I can't even tell I'm wearing it."
sweaty feet

5. Not-So-Fresh Feet

THE EXPERT: Simone Spigner
Tennis coach, 49, New York City

Running around after mini tennis hopefuls in the blazing Harlem sun keeps Spigner on her toes—but by the end of each day, her dogs are barking. She wears absorbent, moisture-wicking Adidas Superlite Socks ($18 for six-pack; to cut down on perspiration and alternates her sneakers every day. She also massages her feet with a few drops of lavender essential oil at night. "It helps me relax and wind down," Spigner says. "I apply it right before going to bed." Sweet dreams!