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THE EXPERT: Alexandria Cochran
Flight attendant, 27, Minneapolis

If you think your AC-chilled office is drying, try working at 40,000 feet. "The recycled air, the constant change in oxygen levels—it all leaves your skin very thirsty," Cochran says. Her hydrating musts include a rosewater face mist and fish oil tablets. "The fatty acids in fish oil help hydrate from the inside out," she says. After a particularly long flight, she'll use a sheet mask. "They're easy, usually cost less than $5, and come in so many varieties: moisturizing, calming, nourishing," she explains. Cochran discovered Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer ($14; malinandgoetz.com) in the first-class amenity kits and has been hooked ever since: "It has a matte finish, goes on smoothly, and moisturizes instantly."