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The Stiletto Regret

You knew you'd be sorry for wearing those snazzy yet agonizing four-inch heels. Two parties later, your feet are throbbing.

You need a good old-fashioned soak. Fill a basin with water that's a bit cooler than room temperature—better for easing swelling and inflammation—and add a handful of mineral-rich Dead Sea salts, which can relax aching muscles and help relieve stiff joints, says Katsman. (You can also help lift your mood by adding a blend of pine, sandalwood, and cedarwood essential oils.) After 15 minutes, remove your feet and give them a mini massage. Katsman's technique:

1. Place a dollop of foot cream or a few drops of body oil in your hands and rub your palms together. Hold one foot with both hands and use your thumbs to pull at the sides of the sole as you massage from the top down. (For extra relaxation, use slow strokes; fast strokes are best for when you want a boost of energy.) Repeat a few times, gradually increasing the pressure.
2. Hold the base of your big toe with your thumb on top and index finger beneath, and begin to slide your fingers to the top, slowly pulling the toe. Repeat on the remaining toes, then lightly squeeze the area between each toe.
3. Locate your Tai Chong (or LV3) point—an acupressure spot commonly used to lower stress and anxiety; it's about two finger widths down (toward the ankle) from the spot where the base of your big toe connects to the base of your second toe. Apply deep, firm pressure to the point for 15 seconds.
4. Repeat all three steps on the other foot.