Illustration: Clare Owen

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The Hurting Hands

You've wrapped a gajillion presents, and your fingers are so stiff, you can barely tie the last bow.

The best (and most luxurious) way to release all that tension? Treat your hardworking hands to a little R&R using this massage plan from Lara Katsman, head massage therapist at Haven Spa in New York City.

1. Thoroughly shake out both hands for several seconds, making sure to also wiggle your fingers.
2. Flex the fingers of your left hand, spreading them as far apart as possible, and hold for 15 seconds. Then make a tight fist and hold again for 15 seconds. Repeat the sequence five times.
3. Using your right thumb and index finger, massage each finger of your left hand. Starting at the base, gently twist and pull as you work your way up. Finish by squeezing each fingertip for a few seconds.
4. With your palm facing the floor, bend your left wrist up toward the back of your hand and down toward the palm, then tilt your hand left and right a few times.
5. Focus on your He Gu (or LI4) point—an acupressure spot used to decrease stress and relieve pain throughout the body; it's located at the highest point of the muscle between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze it for 30 seconds by placing your right thumb on top of the point and your right index finger on the palm side.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 on your right hand.