stilettos bad for feet

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Danger ranking: 5. We knew they weren't orthopedic shoes, but stilettos, Brenner says, are even worse than we thought: "Intense pressure on the front of the foot can lead to things like sesamoiditis, which is inflammation of the tiny bones under the big toe, and metatarsalgia pain, caused by pressure under the toes. Tight shoes that squeeze the toes together can lead to neuromas, or thickened and irritated nerves. Use caution when wearing shoes with heels higher than 2 inches, especially for longer than 2 hours. "We see a lot of lateral ankle sprains caused by stilettos," says Brenner.

Best for: Boosting height, confidence, sex appeal and personal style (just remember that 8 weeks on crutches can undo it all)

Avoid: Walking (ask someone to carry you!); fulfilling your bridesmaid duties on the dance floor

Doctor's note: "Get your feet properly measured," says Brenner. "Go at the end of the day, when feet are most swollen, and have the length and width measured while standing up, because shoes fit differently when you're sitting down. I'm a believer in custom orthotics that have been prescribed by a doctor. The Cobra orthotic is made to be worn in high-heeled shoes, and provides a little metatarsal cushioning and midfoot control."