Photo: Greg Delve

The Problem: Uneven Skin Tone

Solutions: To address Valerie's uneven skin tone at age 30, I used a generous amount of upper- and under-eye brighteners and BB cream to correct and enhance. I then restored healthy coloring with bronzer and blush. I also filled in her lash line with gel liner and used mascara and a brow pencil to define her eye area.

Photo: Greg Delve

The Problem: Under-Eye Darkness, Symmetry

Solutions: For under-eye darkness, I applied an orange-based corrector to Amanda's darkest area, right under the lower lash line. Then I generously applied under-eye brightener in the Triangle of Light. I finished with an extra layer of brightener in the hollow indentation under her eyes. Amanda also wanted more symmetrical features. The addition of foundation over her nose and mouth corrected shadowing, which allowed her face to look more balanced. Lip liner helped correct the asymmetry in her lips.

Photo: Greg Delve

The Problem: Complexion and Coloring, Thin Lashes and Brows

Solutions: After smoothing out and warming Selina's skin tone with foundation, I focused on defining her lashes and brows. I lined between her lashes with a gel pencil, traced her upper and lower lash lines with eye definer, applied mascara, and finished with false lashes. I used a brow pencil and brow mascara to fill in sparseness and build onto her natural eyebrows. Most of Selina's makeup time will be spent on defining these features to achieve her most confident look.

Photo: Giles Hooper

The Problem: Uneven Skin, Lack of Eye Definition

Solutions: To allow the beauty of Cherie's facial structure to come out, I had to correct her skin tone. I applied under-eye brightener in the Triangle of Light, chose a full-coverage foundation, and then spent time lightening up and lifting her face using bronzer, highlight, and blush. Cherie has petite eyelids, so I relied on liner, mascara, and false lashes to open her eyes with just the right amount of precise definition.

Photo: Ondrea Barbe

The Problem: Loss of Firmness and Definition

Solutions: To rejuvenate Lisa's face, I focused on using corrector under her foundation to lift and brighten expression lines, as well as the nasolabial folds around her mouth. I used bronzer, highlight, and blush to articulate her cheek structure, which made a tremendous difference. False lashes, a brow pencil, and brow mascara were the keys to correcting her thin lashes and over-plucked eyebrows.

Photo: Greg Delves

The Problem: Drooping Eyelids, Loss of Lip Volume

Solutions: Chris has gorgeous full cheeks, but she has lost elasticity around her eyes and volume in her lips. Upper-eye brightener brought back her lids, while liner and mascara gave her long but colorless lashes a dramatic lift. Lip liner redefined her lips, while a lip-perfecting balm and light-reflective gloss filled in crinkles and created the illusion of fuller lips.

Photo: Courtesy of HarperCollins

Reprinted from The Makeup of a Confident Woman, published 2017 by HarperCollins, copyright Trish McEvoy, used with permission.