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They Bring Order to Their Bags
Putting shoes on the bottom and delicates toward the top might feel like an organized system, but you're only setting yourself up for a lot of rummaging later on. To have your outfits easily within reach, Williams recommends packing by activity. Organize clothes by where you might wear them: night-out pieces in one corner, casual sightseeing clothes in another. Once everything is properly grouped, set aside any pieces you don't want to crease and drape them across the top, gently tucking them in around the edges. Or, for extra wrinkle and stain protection, place those items in a separate garment or dry-cleaning bag (plastic or tissue paper material will do) and lay it flat across the top.

Shoes are packed first and last for Blanchard, with the pair that will be worn the most put in last, near the lid of the suitcase (keep them in dust bags or shower caps to protect delicates), and the pairs to wear later packed first, either underneath all your clothes or tucked away in a corner, with the soles facing away from the clothes. And since she's prone to packing way more shoes than necessary, she sticks to one pair of sandals (weather permitting), one pair of wedges or a pair of heels, and one pair of casual sneakers, which covers everything from hours of sightseeing to a trip to the beach to an elegant night out.

As a final touch, Blanchard recommends keeping sleepwear near the very top of your bag. "There's nothing worse than tearing apart your suitcase for your pajamas at the end of a long travel day."