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Use the Right Tools
Your brow expert: Anastasia Soare

1. Tweezers
A pair of these should be your No. 1 tool. Look for tweezers that not only feel comfortable in your hand, but also have a little resistance when you squeeze (i.e., they bounce back open after). They should also have sharp, slanted tips for precision.

2. Trimming Scissors
If you have long hairs, trimming scissors with thin blades are key. The blades should be long enough to cut from the edge of your brow to the highest point of your brow bone in one snip.

3. Eyebrow Brush
You'll want a good eyebrow brush that's thin and very precise, to allow for both filling in your brows with powder and drawing in hairs.

4. Highlighter or Concealer
Used to define the line of the brow bone.

5. Spoolie Brush
This unloaded mascara brush blends color to make your eyebrows look natural.
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