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We rub them when we're tired, roll them when we're annoyed, and scrunch them when we've forgotten our sunglasses. All that living takes a toll, and nature doesn't help: "The top layer of skin, called the epidermis, is much thinner around the eyes," says Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. "Sun damage makes it even more delicate— another reason why this area is so prone to signs of aging." A good eye cream can make a big difference, but for right-now results, you need a concealment strategy. You'll find both on the next page—so go ahead and turn, bright eyes!

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Problem: Crow's-Feet

For many of us, they're a badge of honor—a sign of a life spent smiling and laughing and enjoying bright, sunny days. But if those little wrinkles bug you, there's plenty that can be done to soften their appearance.

Makeup trick: Try a tinted prep product like Guerlain Eye-Stay Primer ($29.50; to fill in lines, smoothing the area. Look for one with pearlescent pigments, which scatter light to make crow's-feet less noticeable. "Then just dab a little foundation over them and you're good to go," says Dubroff.

Skincare fix: "Go with tried and true anti-agers like retinol and glycolic acid," says Gary Goldenberg, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. If they're too harsh for your sensitive or mature skin, opt for a formula with hyaluronic acid, which holds on to water for a plumping effect. Try Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel ($27.50; drugstores).

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Problem: Puffiness

If you have a bulgy situation in your under-eye area, one culprit could be lack of sleep, which may increase your level of the stress hormone cortisol and contribute to fluid retention, says Gohara. The other biggie: when fat pads in the area protrude (genetics and natural aging are to blame). Let's send those bags packing...

Makeup trick: Before you reach for concealer, do some prep work. "A cool compress and a gentle massage with your fingertips can help reduce swelling," says makeup artist Pati Dubroff. Follow up with a brightening click-pen concealer like IT Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand ($29;, drawing a half-moon shape under the puffy area (twist the pen just once per eye so you don't smear on too much product). "By illuminating the skin just below, you can make bags appear flat," Dubroff adds.

Skincare Fix: Gohara suggests a product that combines a cool- touch massaging applicator with caffeine, which helps constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling. One to try: Lancôme Énergie de Vie The Illuminating & Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel ($39;

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Problem: Irritation

Because the skin here is so delicate, a number of things—ingredients in some nail polishes or even the nickel in your jewelry—can bring on redness, flaking, or an uncomfortably tight, itchy sensation, says Gohara.

Makeup trick: This kind of skin crankiness is the hardest to cover up, Dubroff says, because dry, irritated skin doesn't hold on to product as well. She's had the best results using a dense concealer with a powdery finish that will really adhere. We like Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer ($20; Dab it on gently with your fingertips—never rub.

Skincare fix: Over-the-counter cortisone creams can be soothing, but use them sparingly. For everyday, Goldenberg recommends a rich balm with moisturizing humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. An important detail: "Make sure it's fragrance-free," he says. Check out Malin + Goetz Revitalizing Eye Cream ($92;

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Problem: Discoloration

As the collagen under your eyes degrades due to sun damage, genetics, and the ticking of the clock, the skin there becomes thinner, and underlying blood vessels can peek through. "This tends to give skin a bluish or brownish tint," Gohara says. To square off against dark circles, try these tips.

Makeup trick: If you've got light skin, go with a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone, recommends Dubroff. On darker skin, a peach-toned product can help neutralize bluish discoloration. Consider trying Catrice Camouflage Cream Wake Up Effect ($6; Use your finger to warm up the formula (which makes it more spreadable), and press it into the under-eye area from inner to outer corner.

Skincare fix: Again, proven anti-agers like antioxidants and retinol are your best bet. "Retinol stimulates collagen production, thickening the skin and making underlying blood vessels less visible," Goldenberg says. It can be potent, though, so start off by using a product like Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum ($85; once or twice a week, working up to nightly use. Your eyes will thank you.