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Monitor Hemlines
Skirts should end just before or under the kneecap. Your legs will look longer. Shorter, fitted jackets will also flatter your legs—and waist.

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Streamline with Color
Strategically designed dresses will make you look svelte and polished instantly. Use color blocking and dark panels to draw the eye away from trouble spots—and highlight what you love with patterns and brights.

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Do The White Thing
White on white can be great on curvy women—if you mix textures and shades.

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Rethink Your Fabric
When in doubt, choose clothing made in thicker fabrics. Jersey may be comfortable, but it will also cling to every lump and bump.

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Put a Belt on It
Emphasizing your waist always makes you look better than when you wear something boxy, so use belts to your advantage. Avoid elasticized waistbands. They might be comfortable, but they add bulk to your midsection.

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Support Yourself
Because of new technology and fabrics, shapewear is more effective and comfortable than ever. Additionally, the right-size bra can rectify a multitude of fashion faux pas. A fitting at a good lingerie store costs nothing—and will instantly make you look better.

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Stand Tall
Your mother was right: Stand up straight. It will counteract muffin top, pooch, mom butt, and even turkey neck faster than you can snap on the Spanx.