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Eye Intensity
We went to superstar makeup artist Pati Dubroff for the steps to a simple—but still ravishing—version of the jewel-tone eye look.

1: Choose a powder eyeshadow in a color that suits your skin tone: Sapphire works on everyone, Dubroff says. Amethyst often has a reddish hue, so steer clear if you have any ruddiness. Emerald is a good option for medium to dark complexions.

2: Trace along your upper lashline with pencil. If you're wearing sapphire shadow, you want black or deep indigo liner. For amethyst, go with eggplant or chocolate; for emerald, dark brown or slate. "The muted liner will prevent the shadow from looking too bright," Dubroff says.

3: Using a small brush, sweep the shadow over the pencil line, concentrating the color above your pupil. "And keep it tight to the liner," says Dubroff.

4: Add a coat of black mascara to your top lashes followed by a swipe of mascara in the same color as your eyeshadow.

5: Dust powder blush on the apples of your cheeks. If your skin is dark, try fuchsia. Olive complexions look best in peach, and for very fair skin, stick with rosy shades.

6: For lips, opt for a sheer stain or balm "in the same color family as your blush," says Dubroff—a berry, an apricot or a soft pink.

eye makeup
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Kiss, Kiss
Dubroff shares her no-fail method for creating a glamorous jewel-tone mouth.

1: For a smooth application, first prep your lips. Swipe on a coat of balm and exfoliate using a dry washcloth or a lip scrub. Finish with another layer of balm to moisturize.

2: Apply concealer along the edges of your mouth to cover any darkness or redness. This creates a subtle contrast that will enhance your lip color.

3: Pick a lipstick with a rich velvet or satin finish. (Dubroff prefers long-lasting liquid formulas, which are highly pigmented and create a light sheen.) Avoid matte or high-shine textures. For fair skin, look for a ruby hue; if you're olive or darker, choose a deeper or garnet shade.

4: Swipe on the color and spread it with your finger. Using a lip pencil in a matching shade, trace the outline of your mouth. Finally, reapply the lipstick and press your lips together to blend it with the pencil.

5: Since the focus will be on your mouth, you'll want soft, subdued eye makeup—but be sure to define your brows to balance your striking lips.


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