Photo: David Tsay

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Rachel Doyle, 34
Founder, GlamourGals

Her Mission
At 17, inspired by her hairstylist grandmother, Doyle started GlamourGals: young volunteers providing makeovers and companionship for women in senior facilities. (In the photo, right, Doyle shares the spotlight with poet Rosalie Calabrese, 79, a former makeover client.) Doyle has had many memorably moving encounters. One woman, Faye, seemed indifferent to her special treatment, but afterward, Doyle got a call. "The activities director said, ‘I want to let you know that Faye was severely depressed and had stopped eating, but after your makeover she started eating again,'" Doyle says. "No medicine can do that."

Above: Doyle gives a makeover at a senior facility in New York.