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Sole Mates
I've never walked on a bed of marshmallows, but slipping on a pair of Allbirds sneakers must be the next-best thing. When shoes feel this good, they don't usually look this cute—but these kicks give you the best of both worlds in styles for women and men. They come in eight bold colors (I go for the Tui light red) and are made with a surprising material: merino wool. Though I'm still loyal to my clogs when I hurry through airports, Allbirds have become my go-to shoe. I even got Oprah a pair in gray! ($95;

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Food for Thought
A perk of CBS This Morning road trips with Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell is trying new restaurants. So when Charlie heard about the Dandelion, a Philadelphia pub serving British comfort food, we made it a group date. The waiter recommended the fish-and-chips, and boy, was it tasty. The fish was light and flaky (and not too fishy), and the fries were thick and crunchy (just how I like them). Charlie's sources never let us down.

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Baller Alert
A lesser known fact about three-time NBA champion LeBron James is that he's a game show fanatic. Now the Cleveland Cavaliers star is taking his love to new heights as executive producer of The Wall (premiering January 3 on NBC), a trivia battle that involves teams, balls, money, and a 40-foot wall. Except for the wall, it sounds a lot like the NBA! But trust me, this competition is unique. No doubt about it—LeBron got game.

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Going for The Gold
We all know Jimmy Fallon can host the hell out of The Tonight Show, but can he entertain a roomful of film and television stars and pull off a tasteful joke about the Brangelina breakup while emceeing the Golden Globes? That should be no problem for Jimmy, who plays with celebrities five nights a week. What I like most about the funny front man is that he always makes you wish you were right there with him. When the show kicks off at 8 p.m. (ET) on January 8, I'll be tuned in with a bowl of truffle popcorn.

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I've seen Fences, August Wilson's play about a 1950s family dealing with race relations and broken dreams, three times on Broadway. The last time, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis lit up the stage as Troy and Rose Maxson, who are struggling to keep their marriage together­—and both won a Tony. So I was thrilled to hear they'll be teaming up again for the epic show's big-screen adaptation, out December 25. There's already Oscar buzz for the film, and if the earlier performances from Denzel (who's pulling double duty as director) and Viola are any indication, I bet they'll be seeing more gold very soon.