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Photo: Courtesy of Curvy Couture

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The Seamed Bra
Every woman should own a seamed bra for the lift and structure it adds to the bust line. It is a must if you wear a D cup or larger.

Structure and Style: What makes a seamed bra different from a seamless bra is the strategic cup seaming, which adds more structure to the bust line. There is no preformed cup in a seamed bra. All the work of maximizing the lift and the shape of the breasts is steered by the seams at the side, center, and across the cups. Seamed bras are available with or without an underwire.

Benefits and Beauty: The seaming is what makes this bra so useful, and designers have also made this detail a part of its beauty. Seamed bras do more than enhance the lift of the breasts; they also provide great support. For women with a full bust, an underwire style takes support a step further.

Buying It: Seamed bras are offered in a mix of mesh, lace, and stretch nylon. This blending of fabrics is lovely, but the first choice, especially when you’re just beginning to build a collection or are buying a large quantity of bras at one time, is an unembellished fabric in a neutral hue.

Wearing It: Seamed bras look terrific under a suit, and they perform beautifully under heavier garments and layers.