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Photo: Peter Rosa

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Tinting Gives Wimpy Brows More Presence

The update: First, Gabriel tinted the tiny, nearly invisible hairs around Branker’s brows (he had to isolate and trim a few stubborn grays that resisted the dye). He then waxed to remove some of the hairs along the bottom of her brows, creating a more sloped arch and lifting the tails (the ends of the brows, near the outer corners of the eyes). “This defined and opened up Juliette’s eye area to give her a fresher look,” he says. Because Branker’s hairs naturally grow in a downward direction, Gabriel also filled in the bottoms with a pencil, brushed up with a spoolie, and applied some clear brow gel. “This lifted the hairs and held them in place,” he says. The verdict: “I love my brows! It was wonderful to have them done professionally,” Branker says. “Now let’s party!"