This month's cover concept seemed, according to Oprah, "like a fun idea." So off everyone went to her favorite Telluride waterfall, where she was to be photographed in a gorgeous gown. The terrain was rocky. The hike was steep. The water was icy. The air was freezing. The model was unable to feel her fingers. The gown was out. A scarf was borrowed. And the shoot was over in two minutes flat!

Here's how to get your own picture-perfect Colorado style:

Photos: Courtesy of companies

Scarf, $59;

Jeans, $148;

Jacket, $100;

Boot, $325;

Shirt, $200;

Hat, $100;

On Oprah: Sweater, Ryan Roche. Jeans, NYDJ. Oversize scarf, A Peace Treaty. Hat, Akubra.


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