Photo: Richard Majchrzak

Play with Patterns
Don't be afraid to mix prints. Just stay within one color family to keep things chic.

Belted shirt, $299;

Pants, $99;

Handbag, $545; M Missoni stores

How to nail the look: The key to pattern mixing is to start with stripes. They're the most neutral, feel current and can ground just about any print you put them with.

Photo: Richard Majchrzak

Dazzle in Danglers
Eye-catching earrings are everything: They frame your face in fabulousness, play off the tones of your outfit and take the most casual look up a notch.




How to nail the look: New to making a style statement? Take baby steps with standout accessories. Eclectic earrings or shoes are an easy way to give your outfit oomph.
sassy shades

Photo: Richard Majchrzak

Pair Sassy Shades
Two vivid colors are better than one. Try this perfectly balanced dynamic duo—red conveys power and pink has a feminine flair.

Blazer, $110;

Knit top, $140;

Cropped pants, $79; Go to Yahoo
(Special fabric has a smoothing effect on your tummy.)

Heel, $99;

How to nail the look: To mix hues successfully, think of the color wheel. Some never-fail pairings: shades that are opposites (like blue and orange), or tone-on-tone combos (like red and pink or lavender and violet).

Photo: Richard Majchrzak

Let Lingerie Peek Out
The glimpse of a bustier under an evening suit reveals without being risqué.

Bodysuit, DKNY, $78;

How to nail the look: No matter what striking ensemble you choose, wear it with confidence. Owning your look is the finishing touch and can make all the difference.

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