Q: The film is reviving the franchise; it's a new twist. Why do you think the film will appeal to people who may not have been so-called Trekkies in the first place?

A: There's this pressure we're sort of putting on the whole thing that if you're not a Trekkie, you can't really watch Star Trek, and that's so not true. This movie is going to give you the opportunity because it is the beginning. These characters are starting from scratch. They're young, they're in school, they're getting to know each other. They're being assigned into their positions for the very first time. Some of them are afraid; others are reluctant.

These characters are so amazing, and J.J. did such an amazing job with just making it a great film about action and characters and romance and science fiction. So whether you're a fan of Star Trek or not, you'll still be taken for a ride.

Zoe Saldana shares some of her favorite things.


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