RB: You say the films reflect where you are in life. Do they accurately portray the friendship between you and Jon? I read that he took some of the dialogue in Swingers directly from you.

VV: Well, you know, it's a comedy. So you'll say, "You're money, baby" 20 times in order to make it funny. It's not as if in regular conversation I'm saying that all the time. All of us have a lot of sides to ourselves, but the fun thing about being actor is you make one side predominant for the character you're playing. So the fun in this movie is that I get to be the more grounded guy who's on this journey, and then the fun in Wedding Crashers was that I got to be the crazy guy.

RB: So what's up next for you? Any big movies or projects we can look out for you in?

VV: I don't have any immediate plans. I'm hoping to take the rest of this year off. I'll be home in Chicago in November and look forward to having some downtime there until the end of the year. Then get out in January and February when the cold gets too much.

RB : And get married?

VV: Yes, and that too.

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