RB: You co-wrote this movie with Jon Favreau…

VV: It was an idea that I originally had, then Favreau did the first pass at it and then he went to the Iron Man 2 stuff and so Dana Fox, who's a great female screenwriter, she and I really took over the screenplay and finished it together.

RB: You and Jon have been in plenty of films together—both behind and in front of the camera—perhaps most notably Swingers and Made. Those are both big-time bachelor movies, so it seems you're moving into this next phase together. What was it like making that transition?

VV: Just as your priorities change as you get older, so do the subjects that have you interested. Swingers came out of Jon moving to California. We had become friends on Rudy, and I started taking him around to underground swing scenes and swing bands that I like. So he wrote an overexaggerated comedic movie based on him getting past a relationship. The story with Couples Retreat was the same thing. As I started thinking about going to the next place in my life with kids and marriage, it was just on my mind. I think our films really reflect what is going on in our lives.


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