RB: Was it more difficult to write a screenplay that didn't just focus on one couple but had to weave so many storylines?

VV: For me, it was important to make sure that all the couples had an authentic journey and that there was a beginning, a middle and an end to all of them. There are four couples, but there are eight leads. There's no B story here. Pretty consistently in the things I've done, whether it be with [Jennifer] Aniston in The Break-Up or Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers, it's a very equal relationship. Both people are talking, both are funny. What makes those movies funnier than most is that we see ourselves in those dynamics—like the "Why don't you want to do the dishes?" scene in The Break-Up. That's what makes us laugh. So the focus with this movie was on writing conversations that we've all had with our friends and hitting on themes that we can all relate to but still finding a funny perspective to do that with.


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