Trey, Oprah and Nate

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Trey didn't set out to be an Oprah's Big Give viewer…he wanted to be a contestant. He had his application and audition tape ready to go when he realized he missed the deadline by almost a year! That's when he says he had a lightbulb moment. "[I realized] I didn't really need to be on the show to give big," he says.

Trey says he and his friends watch the show every Sunday and discuss how they can give back to their community. "We're going to do Big Gives every month for the upcoming year," he says.

To help him get started, Nate surprises Trey with a stack of cash worth $10,000. Like Shelley, Trey will have five days to make the most of this money. "Every dollar has to go to a perfect stranger," Nate says. "So find somebody, and figure it out."