Oprah, Shelley, Missy and Missy's triplets

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Though Shelley didn't get much sleep during those five days, she says words can't describe the feeling she got from giving big. "I just prayed to God the week before, 'Put a positive change in my life.' And God sent me you," Shelley tells Oprah. "My life has forever been changed."

Shelley's good deeds aren't going to stop here. She says she and her team are planning to start a foundation dedicated to helping people in need.

Missy's still trying to find words to express how much her community's generosity has meant to her and her family. "It's just an awesome feeling to know that people in the community care as much as they do, even when they don't even know who you are," she says. "It just really touches you to know that when people find out that there is a need there, they want to help. They want to give."