Shelley and Missy

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On March 3, 2008, Nate Berkus, the host of Oprah's Big Give, traveled to Indiana to surprise Shelley with $10,000 and a special mission.

Nate told Shelley she has five days to turn this money into a Big Give for Missy, Jeff and their triplets. "I wanted to help Missy and her family because how devastating it would be to lose all your possessions," Shelley said. "It just really tore at my heartstrings."

Before she could start making calls and soliciting donations, Shelley met with her old classmate to find out what the family needs to start fresh. "I need clothes, furniture, kitchen items…anything you put in a household we need," Missy said. "We lost everything."

Without any time to spare, Shelley rallied a team of helpers, set up a makeshift Big Give headquarters and began reaching out to friends, neighbors and strangers in the community.