Jason won a 2010 Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and gave a touching acceptance speech in which he thanked both his wife and his parents. Jason's father, Ivan Reitman, is a legendary director and producer and the mind behind iconic comedies like Animal House, Ghostbusters and Stripes. Ivan was also a producer on Up in the Air, which Jason described as an"unusual" experience. "It's wonderful because obviously there's no one I trust more in the world than my dad," he says. "But it's strange because you have to figure out this new dynamic because we speak every night and you have to start separating the conversations. ... Every once in a while, the [lines] would cross accidentally and I would talk to him about something fatherly in a producorial way, and then you have to stop and go: 'Oh no, wrong conversation. Wrong mode.'"

His father is also the man who convinced Jason to follow his dream of making movies. "I was pre-med, and the reason I'd gone pre-med was I was scared of being a director. I'm well aware of the perceptions of the children of famous filmmakers," he says. "I thought: 'Why enter a career with there is the presumption [that you have no talent]? And, outside of that, if I find success, I'll be in his shadow my whole life. And if I fail, I'll fail on a very public level.'" But Jason says his father came to visit him while he was in school and explained that being scared isn't a reason to do anything. "He's the person who pushed me to come back to Los Angeles and pursue being a storyteller."


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