Arthur, another everyday citizen cast in Up in the Air, says working with Jason changed his life and that the movie gave the world a chance to see what he has been through. "Not only was I just devastated when I lost my job, but the fact that I was a model employee—I never came in late to work, I had perfect attendance, I got along with everybody—it was a double shocker, you know? You go through all these different emotions, because when you lose your job, you're like, losing your life," he says. "All of us shared this opportunity, which came my way through Jason Reitman, who I believe is a genius to have the foresight and the sensitivity to point out people and find people like myself that are going through real emotions and real trauma."

Jason says that using people like Arthur, Marlene and LaMorris made the film real in a way that he never could have as a filmmaker. "You said the kind of things that I would have never written and you said them in a way that I could have never directed you to do," he says. "You gave all the actors a run for their money. They were very intimidated when they saw your performances."

Jason's quick to point out that Up in the Air is not all serious. "It's a movie that is dramatic and is also comedic," he says. "It is just as much a mirror of George Clooney as it is a mirror to America, and hopefully you will not only kind of recognize what is going on in this economy in the film, but you'll recognize what it's like to go through a midlife crisis."


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