Oprah immediately called Gayle, who in turn called Tyler to thank him for doing such a nice thing. "Oprah's so generous to so many people, and it's very rare that anyone can do that kind of thing for her," Gayle says.

The day after Christmas, Gayle found her own surprise in the driveway—the same car! It came with a note thanking Gayle for her friendship. Gayle's car was supposed to come on Christmas but got delayed. "I could not believe it," Gayle says.

Gayle says she ran to call Oprah right away—to say she couldn't keep the car. "It's not like we're boyfriend and girlfriend," Gayle says she told Oprah. "We're not even boinking! We're just really good friends."

"And I say, 'You're not boinking him—I'm not boinking him either!" Oprah says. "If you give back the car ... I'd have to give back the car—and I'm not giving back the car!"

"This was a couple years ago, before the economy went to where it is," Tyler says. "For this Christmas they both got phone calls saying 'Merry Christmas!'"

Meet the new addition to Oprah's family!


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