Tyler has a gift for making audiences laugh—but he also has a gift for making his friends smile.

In the summer of 2007, Tyler went to Oprah's house to show her his upcoming film, Why Did I Get Married?, and his white Bentley convertible caught the attention of Oprah and her best friend, Gayle.

After the screening, Tyler, Gayle and Oprah had lunch at a place called Molly's. "Gayle's going, 'Oh, you should get this car,'" Oprah says. "And I go, 'I don't need a car, because all I do is go to Molly's.' So we drive in Tyler's car to Molly's, and I thought that was the end of it."

On Christmas Day, Oprah found a surprise in her driveway. "There is the car!" Oprah says.

Inside the Bentley was a note from Tyler that said "Now you can go to Molly's in style."


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