Though Twi-hards, as fans are called, know most everything about the series, Stephenie says there is one secret she's never revealed before. "There was a different ending to New Moon originally," she says. "It was a much quieter book. It was very much all in Bella's head." 

Stephenie says fans have her mother to thank for New Moon's current dramatic ending. "My mom's like: 'You know, Stephenie, maybe a little more action at the end would be a good idea. Maybe you need that,'" Stephenie says. "And she was right, as usual." 

Her mother's suggestion prompted Stephenie to introduce the Volturi, an all-powerful coven of vampires living in Italy, sooner than she'd planned. "That's kind of my favorite part now, and it's there because my mom told me it would be better that way."

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