These days, the Twilight series is more than just a literary hit. The first two movies have also created a stir and catapulted three young stars into the limelight. British actor Robert Pattinson, who plays the lead vampire Edward Cullen, is now an international heartthrob. "I knew that the problem was going to be Edward, because he's the perfect vampire," Stephenie says. "How do you cast that from your pool of human actors?"

When producers found Robert, Stephenie says it was a perfect fit. "He's got something about him. He doesn't look like everybody else. There's something unusual," she says. "There are moments where he looks exactly like he did in my head."

Stephenie says casting Bella, the book's protagonist, was a bit easier. "There's plenty of people who look like the girl next door," she says. "We were really lucky [to cast] Kristen Stewart, who is a phenomenal actress. I didn't know if we were going to get that caliber."


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