Though Stephenie had been an avid reader all her life, she says she was never a writer before Twilight. "It seems kind of presumptuous to me [to think] anyone else would want to read the things that are in my head," she says. "I didn't think of it [as a book]. I did the dream. And then I wanted to see what would happen with them. It was just me spending time with this fantasy world, and then when it was finished it was like, 'This is long enough to be a book!'"

Before Twilight, Stephenie says she read every type of book except for horror. "That was the genre I just knew I was too chicken for," she says. "I read a little bit of everything. ... When I was 8, I was reading Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice and all that, not knowing it wasn't my reading level."


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