Alice sees Edward's future and realizes that he still thinks Bella drowned. Fraught with grief, Edward decides to go to Volterra, Italy, to visit the Volturi—the equivalent of vampire royalty. Only the Volturi have the power to give Edward what he wants...death.

To stop Edward from doing something drastic, Alice and Bella fly halfway around the world and race through Volterra's crowded streets. Bella reaches Edward seconds before he breaks a long-standing vampire rule. If he had broken this rule, the Volturi would have sentenced him to death.

Edward and Bella share an intimate moment before being whisked inside the Volturi's castle alongside Alice. The three leaders—Aro, Caius and Marcus—are intrigued by Bella and Edward's love for her. Aro asks Alice, Edward and Bella to join the Volturi, but they refuse.

Then, the Volturi pass down a verdict. Edward must change Bella into a vampire soon, or they will kill her.

After returning from Italy, Edward reveals that he can't live in a world without Bella and promises to stay by her side forever. Their love is restored, but Edward still refuses to change Bella into a vampire...unless she agrees to marry him.

As the second installment comes to an end, Victoria is still on the loose, hunting Bella and posing a danger to all humans living near Forks. And despite Edward's gratitude for his actions, Jacob, a mortal enemy of vampires, promises retribution if Edward ever turns Bella into a vampire.

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