Just when Bella finds her smile again, Jacob disappears and stops returning her calls. Desperate to have her friend back, Bella drives to Jacob's reservation to confront him and his friends, whom she blames for his mysterious behavior. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, Jacob tells Bella he can't be her friend anymore.

Then, after Jacob visits Bella one night, she figures out his secret. Jacob is a werewolf. She learns that Jacob and a few other young men in the Quileute tribe can "phase" into shape-shifting creatures that are intended to hunt vampires and protect people from evil bloodsuckers. The wolf gene is genetic, passed down through the Quileute bloodline to select men and women.

When Victoria, a bloodthirsty vampire out to avenge her mate James' death, sets her sights on Bella, Jacob and his wolf pack vow to protect her.

Then, after Bella jumps off a cliff and nearly drowns, Alice returns to Forks because she thinks her dear friend has died. When Alice sees that Bella is alive, she's relieved, but their reunion is cut short by disturbing news.


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