New Moon Plot Synopsis - Spoiler Alert!

The second book in Stephenie Meyer's four-part series begins on Bella's 18th birthday. Edward invites her to his home to celebrate with his coven, and Alice goes all out to commemorate the occasion. Decorations, gifts and a birthday cake set the scene, but in a flash, all is ruined. When Bella gets a paper cut while opening a present, the smell of blood sends Jasper, the most recent vampire to join their coven, into a frenzy. Jasper lunges for Bella, but Edward pushes her aside and saves her life.

After saving Bella from another near-death experience, Edward makes the heart-wrenching decision to break up with her and leave Forks. Though his intention is to protect Bella from harm, Edward only succeeds in breaking her heart. For months, Bella falls into a deep depression. She pulls away from her father and her classmates and rarely leaves her bedroom.

Over time, Bella finds comfort in the company of her old friend Jacob. Together they set out to repair two old motorcycles, and during this time, Jacob also helps piece Bella's heart back together.


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