Edward reveals his love for Bella and begins to open up about his family's unconventional coven. Despite their insatiable urge to drink human blood, Edward and his family are "vegetarians," surviving on animal blood alone. He also debunks popular vampire myths. No, a stake through the heart won't kill them. In fact, they are immortal, and there's only one way to kill a vampire. Yes, they can go out in the sunlight, but it will make their skin shimmer.

Some vampires also have special gifts. Edward can read minds, but for an unknown reason, he can't see what Bella is thinking. Alice, his sister, can predict the future.

Just as Bella is getting to know Edward's vampire family, another coven rolls through Forks. Unfortunately for Bella, these vampires are only interested in one kind of animal—human. James, the coven leader and a tracker, sets his sights on Bella.

James and his mate, a striking redhead named Victoria, hunt Bella from Forks to Phoenix. There, he lures her to a ballet studio and manages to get a bite in before the Cullens arrive.

Edward sucks the venom from Bella's blood, saving her from becoming a vampire. James isn't so lucky. The Cullens rip him from limb to limb before burning his body—the only way to kill a vampire. Victoria escapes.

After being released from the hospital, Bella and Edward return to Forks in time for her junior prom. While dancing under the stars, Bella tells Edward she wants to become a vampire and join his coven, but he refuses.


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