When they first meet, Edward is cold and hostile toward Bella. Then, he disappears for days, leaving Bella to wonder what she'd done to anger him. Upon his return, Edward apologizes for his behavior and begins to get to know Bella.

Their immediate connection is undeniable, and after Edward uses his bare hands to shield Bella from a speeding van, she sets out to discover his secrets.

Edward refuses to answer her questions, so Bella turns to an old family friend, Jacob Black, for information. Jacob is a member of the Quileute tribe in nearby La Push, where he lives on a Native American reservation with his father, Billy.

During a day at the beach, Jacob lets his guard down and tells Bella a tribal legend about the battle between his people and creatures known as "the cold ones." We know them as vampires.

Read the Quileute legend in this excerpt from Twilight.

After a little Googling, Bella concludes that, in regards to Edward, all signs point to vampire. But it's too late. She's already fallen deeply in love with him and refuses to stay away...even after he admits that the scent of her blood is almost too tempting to resist.


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